Nomad Off-Grid Wash Rack System


Featuring the RTS Closed-Loop Filtration System

heavy duty wash racks

Featuring the RTS Closed-Loop Filtration System

Riveer has been building wash rack systems for military use for more than a decade. The largest hurdle to getting a system up and running is often the connection to utilities and the connection to sewer. Nomad designed specifically to overcome these problems.

Designed for remote locations, the Nomad is an off-grid, self-contained, heavy-duty wash rack that is powered by solar, and a standby diesel generator. The system also effectively stores previously collected energy for times when environmental conditions are not ideal. 1000 lbs. of deep discharge storage batteries provide energy during low light/wind periods to keep the system constantly circulating and injecting ozone to assure clean water for washing even after months of inattention.

A small system footprint and no restriction on the installation layout makes Nomad the simplest self-contained wash rack system to install. Nomad closed loop rinse functionality brings you MudMasterTM rugged construction, with RTS 24/7 performance in a sustainable wash rack for corrosion control rinses, PM cleaning, and general washing.

Water Reclamation: Grey water treatment and re-use reduces costs and make Nomad a reliable equipment washing facility even in remote operations where supply is limited and costly.

Power Conservation: Harnessing the natural power of sun keeps the system operating indefinitely on standby/idle mode without calling for generator grid power. Generator only runs when called on for high power pumps and shuts down as soon as system returns to standby mode.

Off Grid Location: Nomad brings sustainable washing in remote mining, drilling, exploration and construction beyond utility service areas.

Green Initiative: Being efficient with resources has become mandatory in virtually all environments: Saving water, electricity, and fuel in one system is a triumph of design efficiency.


I really like the Riveer system. It’s easy to use, has high pressure; you can turn it on hot water, cold water. It’s the best system I’ve ever used for cleaning semis.

Rod L., Maintenance Technician Chesapeake Energy Systems

Functions as a Power Supply or Wash Rack System

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