MudMaster 3000


Washes, Contains and Recycles

Featuring the RTS Closed-Loop Filtration System

The MudMasterTM 3000 is a closed-loop recycling wash rack which handles moderate to heavy mud loads. Easily broken down and transported in 20′ all-weather ISO containers, MudMaster is an ideal solution for deployed applications where vehicle track-out is a concern. The MudMaster 3000 employs the RTS 3000 water treatment system to add the remove oils and solids from the water so it may be reused for future washes.

The stainless steel filtration system features inclined plate separators to settle mud in a large initial settling chamber. The chamber is sloped to a valve that automatically purges settled solids every night. Oil coalescing in conjunction with ozone or bacteria injection completes the initial stage. Wash water is recovered with a run-dry diaphragm pump. High-pressure industrial media filtration removes suspended solids, heavy metals, VOC’s and microbes, which is automatically back-washed every night. A final absolute polishing filter cleans the water before sending it to a holding tank. Like all Riveer systems, all water in the system is continuously circulated and injected with ozone.

Building an Equipment Washing System

MudMasterTM technologies include:

  • The MudMasterTM provides a cost effective means of cleaning equipment while preventing ground water contamination and simultaneously reducing water/sewage costs.
  • Any or all of the components can be set up indoors or outdoors.
  • The standard MudMasterTM is closed-loop.
  • Each wash rack is watertight and seals securely to adjoining racks to prevent gaps in containment. All wash water is captured and filtered.
  • The filter automatically backwashes when needed
  • Settled mud is automatically purged with high-pressure water
  • Oil coalescing with automatic oil skimming
  • Automatic 24/7 ozone injection
  • Automatic 24/7 bacteria and air injection with pH adjust
  • Continuous recirculation

Fast to Setup, Easy to Operate, Simple to Maintain


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