About Riveer


For more than 30 years, Riveer has been providing innovative and ever evolving systems in support of the modern warfighter.  Washing equipment can seem like a menial task – this menial task is the first defense against corrosion related failures and is the primary asset in the effort to keep trucks, tanks, aircraft, and other important machines both mission capable and safe to operate.  Every dollar spent on corrosion repair is a dollar that is not available for research and development, lifesaving equipment, ammunition, and a multitude of more important uses.  Riveer has proven repeatedly over the last three decades to be a leader in value added systems that keep the proud men and women of our armed forces ready to defend our country and way of life.  

Innovation and new technology is evolving at a record pace.  By keeping current with advancements in technology and sharing these systems with all branches of our military, Riveer has proven to be a committed partner to the US military.  Riveer’s commitment to continual improvement and innovation leads us to discussions with many organizations with similar goals such as the US Army Corps of Engineers, AMCOM Value Engineering office, and a number of engineering and architecture firms supporting the military’s effort to be the leading force in protecting our freedom.    

The Riveer Aircraft Cleaning and Deicing System (ACDS) was the first such system for the U.S. Army. Using the knowledge gained in building and successfully testing the ACDS, Riveer also developed a less complicated wash rack based on ACDS technology for the commercial market. Riveer’s first patent application for an above ground wash pad was the result of this commercial success.
During the years spent refining the military ACDS, Riveer developed many valuable technologies that were then applied to commercial designs. The first development that sprung from this refining process was a very significant one for the wash rack world. That advancement was the “one button” principal. After being told that new recruits assigned to washing equipment would not be receiving extensive training, Riveer developed an intuitive interface in the form of our GripStart technology, making equipment extremely easy to operate. This intuitive interface has since been incorporated into all wash rack technologies.

Riveer continues to focus on easy to operate systems that outperform competitive units. Our growth has  been driven by innovations such as the HEWS MudMaster, Birdbath, VWS and Tactical Rinse System. Our growth is organic and internally financed. Today, Riveer wash systems can be found throughout the world, keeping equipment clean, combating the never ending threat of corrosion, and helping to reclaim as much precious water as possible.

When it comes to wash rack technology to handle the toughest jobs… the solution is clear with Riveer.

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